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This isn’t just real estate.

This is real estate unbound.

Starting, buying, or expanding a practice can be intimidating as you try to navigate unfamiliar territory with sophisticated landlords and sellers. Your fears are understandable, but often unfounded. ROAM was created to flip the script on traditional commercial real estate and ensure tenants and buyers always come first. From dreaming big with startup clients to in-depth lease vs purchase evaluations with more established practices, we unveil a reality where your practice thrives at the highest level. So stop worrying and don’t wait. We’re experts at every stage of your career.

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Opening your first practice can seem overwhelming, but ROAM specializes in high performance startups. From site selection to team assembly, we can make the process easier than ever. So dream big and be bold. We’ve got your back.

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Lease Negotiations

Lease negotiations can be intimidating, especially when you’re sparring with an experienced landlord and their skilled team. Before you dive in, give us a call for a free lease evaluation. We can help even the playing field.

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Building Purchases

Dream of owning your own building? It might be easier than you think. We can guide you through the process of buying your own medical condo, freestanding building or even ground up construction. Healthcare real estate is all we do!


When others say it can't be done,

we make it happen.

ROAM was started as an alternative to traditional real estate firms that, all too often, tell clients “No” or “That’s not possible.” We strive to remove the limits imposed by others and explore the possibilities. We understand better than anyone what it takes to turn an idea into reality. Dreams don’t come cheap and we negotiate every dollar as if it were our own. With ROAM, you can rest assured you’ll never leave money on the table. Becoming a practice owner is a lifelong decision, and we want to make sure that, personally and professionally, it’s the most profitable decision of your life. That’s why we encourage our clients to dream big and be bold. This isn’t just real estate. This is real estate unbound.

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What our clients say!

If you're looking for someone who will go the extra mile and negotiate his heart out go with Brian at ROAM Commercial Realty.  Thank you for this beautiful space we call home.

- Dr. Nasem Dunlop
I can’t say enough about Brian Mills. He was able to save me hundreds of thousands of dollars on my lease renewal against my notoriously tough landlord. He never stopped fighting for me, and I highly recommend him to anyone with an upcoming lease negotiation.

- Dr. Caroline George
Brian helped me find an ideal location in a very tough market for my oral surgery startup.  The lease he negotiated for me against the landlord really allowed me to stretch and build my dream practice from day one.  Brian is truly an expert in all phases of healthcare real estate and I highly recommend him to everyone at any stage of their career.

- Dr. Laura Pashkowsky  
Brian helped us find and negotiate an ideal location for our practice.  He was able to achieve terms we didn't think were possible and assembled a team to help us bring our vision to life.  We are pretty seasoned doctors but his expertise is on another level.  I cannot recommend him enough.

-Dr. Dean Tanaka
I can confidently say that Brian saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars on our lease negotiation.  He made us aware of items we never even considered.  You really need an expert on your side and we are so thankful we found Brian.

-Dr. Andrew Yang
I was so nervous about my upcoming lease renewal as we have a large space in an area with limited vacancies against a very large landlord. ROAM was amazing! They truly are experts in negotiations. They provided a thorough evaluation of my lease compared to the real market and ultimately were able to save us over $350,000 above what the landlord offered and all completely free. I can't recommend them enough.

-Dr. James Park
I'm an experienced operator and this is my 2nd location. I understood the process or at least I thought I did. Brian brought a completely different level of expertise. He really understands the vet world and our needs. He was able to secure a really amazing location and negotiated an incredible deal. He helped us navigate the permitting process and was with us every step of the way. This new practice is excelling past our expectations and we owe a huge part to Brian Mills. I can't recommend him enough.

-Dr. Carmine Bausone
"Thank you for your expertise helping us find and negotiate our terrific location! Highly competent, highly skilled. Brian is great at what he does!"

-Dr. Danny Hall
Our experience with Tony Dambrosia was nothing short of spectacular, and as anyone who has ever purchased real estate knows, the process is rarely without hiccups.  Tony is incredibly professional, diligent, thorough, knowledgeable and creative — qualities that facilitated us as first time building buyers to have a smooth and successful transaction.  He is the type of agent you want on your side, and the only one we will ever use again.

-Dr. Kyle Song

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