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Of course we handle real estate negotiations and transactions. But this isn’t just real estate. This is real estate unbound. That means a huge part of our job is to take our clients’ ideas and aspirations, and find a way to make them a reality. We can help you navigate the process, no problem. But what we really offer is a chance for you to live your dream, now.

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We love to watch our startups as they experience high levels of success and continue to grow for years to come. A startup begins with the right business opportunity. Where you start and the space you choose is dependent upon the demographic you hope to attract. Negotiating the proper deal is paramount to your success, but the specific structure of the terms are crucial. Without both, you may never get off the ground. From site selection to team assembly, we can make the entire process painless. We lift the veil and show you that by negotiating the proper terms, you can build your dream practice from the start. There’s no dream too big or client too small. Let us guide you, step by step, on the path to practice ownership.

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Lease Negotiations

Intimidated by an impending lease negotiation? Don’t be. With ROAM’s expert representation, we put power back in your hands. Your landlord and their team are well-versed in the art of negotiation. But we can even the playing field and potentially save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for FREE! Contact us today for a free lease evaluation.

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Building Purchases

Don’t just dream about owning your own building. Let’s make it happen. Owning your real estate is often a once in a lifetime opportunity that can generate wealth throughout your career. And there’s no reason why that opportunity should pass you by. From unique lending options to specific tax incentives, buying your own real estate can be much easier than you imagined. ROAM can provide you with detailed lease vs purchase evaluations to ensure owning is the right step in your career. Due diligence requires a lot of heavy lifting. Let us save you time, money and lots of headaches by identifying and pre-qualifying opportunities that are available for your specific use.

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